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John Austin Ltd has been serving the local agricultural community for over 40 years. We focus upon providing value for our clients through high quality workmanship and service. We regularly invest in the latest technology, driving greater efficiency and accurate product delivery into your pasture and crop management.

The honesty and integrity of all our staff is equally important to the delivery of quality and professional agricultural services that provide genuine value to our customers.

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Crop Spraying

John Austin Ltd have a number of different options when it comes to spraying the right chemicals quickly and efficiently onto your land. These include three 18m Wide Amazon Spray machines fitted to a JCB Fastrac and a John Deere 6430 ...

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General Cartage and Truck and Truck and Trailer Units

Running a Fleet of well-maintained trucks 4 ton to 30 ton weight range. A big focus on keeping a tidy and safe fleet. Scales trucks, Crane trucks, Flat decks and Bulk trucks all operated by well experienced drivers. Well equipped ...

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Drilling of Pasture, Forage Crops and Cereals

Pasture Renovation is a key component of any farming system. John Austin Ltd offer a range of drilling options, from Direct Drilling to Cultivation Drilling to Roller Drilling, we are able to Drill a wide range of crop into your paddock. The John Deere 6” Direct Drills are well suited ...

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Earth Moving and Land Development

Developing your land and system is possibly one of the most satisfying and rewarding processes to do. John Austin Ltd is well equipped to help you with this process. We have a wide range of earth moving equipment, including a digger, levelling equipment and tip trailers, we are able to ...

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Agricultural Tips andNews

Why maize silage?

The nutritional advantages of maize silage are well proven. Maize silage is a carbohydrate feed rich in starch, coming mostly from the grain portion of the maize silage. This starch helps make maize silage an energy dense feed stuff. In a grass based dairy system it is important to understand ...

Machinery & Forage Yield Monitors

John Austin Ltd operates the latest John Deere Forage harvesters. These forage harvesters have the mechanical ability to chop the maize to the desired chop length for the whole plant dry matter and process that forage through the plant processor. The advantage of matching the chop length and plant processor ...

ProGibb SG – Tool for Pasture Management

ProGibb SG is a plant growth regulator for pasture that produces a rapid increase in ryegrass and clover growth.  ProGibb SG is designed to be used when feed demand outweighs supply, helping to reduce the impact of feed shortages at key times of the year.  ProGibb SG will increase pasture ...

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