ProGibb SG – Tool for Pasture Management

ProGibb SG is a plant growth regulator for pasture that produces a rapid increase in ryegrass and clover growth.  ProGibb SG is designed to be used when feed demand outweighs supply, helping to reduce the impact of feed shortages at key times of the year.  ProGibb SG will increase pasture drymatter (DM) production by 30-60% within 3-4 weeks of application, depending on natural growth rates at the time. This translates into an average increase across 32 replicated trials NZ wide of an extra 250 kg DM/ha in 3 weeks, or an extra 365 kg DM/ha in 3 weeks, in 15 Waikato trials.

(for the cost of the ProGibb itself, this is well under  $0.10/kg of extra DM).


Maximum DM response is within 3-4 weeks after application, so ideally suited to normal dairy grazing rotations.  ProGibb SG application can be made soon after cows leave the paddock, (if foliage is clean), not later than 5 days after grazing.  Key application times will be in August and September, when feed demand post-calving exceeds supply, and also in autumn, to extend lactation and improve cow condition, or to build feed covers heading into winter.


ProGibb SG is NOT a fertiliser or nutrient, and is not a substitute for good fertility. ProGibb SG should not be substituted for N fertilizer, in fact it can be used in conjunction with N to give extra DM over and above any N response.


– ProGibb SG rate is 20 gr/ha, plus Contact® Low Foam at 25 ml/100 L water.

– Soil temperatures above 6-7 degrees will provide an economic benefit.


Summary of key benefits of ProGibb SG:

– increase feed supply, reduce supplementary feeds, save money

– improve milk production, higher peak milk production

– lift cow condition, improve mating, and reduce empties

– shut-up more area for spring silage, extra pasture renewal in autumn

– extend lactation, build feed reserves heading into winter


If you would like ProGibb added to your spray programme we can apply it as a mix with:

– Nitrogen, doing two jobs in one pass.

– Weed control products, such as Baton or Sprinter.


A PDF file of the ProGibb Generics comparison is right here.

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