Machinery & Forage Yield Monitors

John Austin Ltd operates the latest John Deere Forage harvesters. These forage harvesters have the mechanical ability to chop the maize to the desired chop length for the whole plant dry matter and process that forage through the plant processor. The advantage of matching the chop length and plant processor to the whole plant dry matter is that compaction is optimised and fewer undigested maize kernels are passed out in the dung.

chopped Our forage harvesters are also equipped with forage yield monitors which give a guide as to the whole plant dry matter at the time of harvest. JAL was the first in the Southern Hemisphere to operate this new technology on a commercial basis. The onboard dry matter report from the yield monitor allows the operator to fine-tune the harvesting process (i.e. chop length & plant processor adjustments) according to the dry matter, critical for compaction and forage quality.

Our yield monitors are also connected to the Pioneer silage inoculant applicators. The information from the yield monitor is sent to the inoculant applicator which then automatically adjusts the inoculant application rate. These best practices help you to make more out of every tonne we process, stack and deliver.